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Tennis Open 2020
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Your best strategy in Tennis Open 2020 is to anticipate your opponent's moves, enabling better positioning on the court for every return. Keep an eye on the ball's movement and direction as that is key to slamming successful shots. Remember, timing is crucial! Tennis Open 2020 is a cool tennis game in which you play as one of the greatest players out there in order to win the championship. Play this free online game on and select one of many world class tennis players, like Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer and do your best to beat all your opponents and become the world champion. As your character automatically runs towards the ball, your goal will be to decide where to hit it in order to score a point. So if the other player stands on the left side of the court, you may want to hit the ball all the way to the right side, so he can’t reach it. Have fun playing Tennis Open 2020!

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